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  • The appreciation topic

    Pretty simple, just show your appreciation someone (or do a shout out), no matter if they are here in the forum or not. Just let some positive thoughts and thankfulness out into the world.

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    I'll make the first step. This is about my "original" staff team that has been sticking with me for years and during the time when we still RPed on Animexx, those being Narianka , Leanderfox , keitaro, and Hong . I don't think I would even be still RPing if it wasn't for them, seriously. When I was creating RPs on Mexx, it kinda seemed like my ideas were too strange or unusual for the folks there, so we never really got any members but it was fine since we had each other to RP with. We even had one huge RP that was really long and basically the precursor of our current site (the old version of Horhsal where we still had generic races and magic instead of everything being original). And then they came along to make our own site which I couldn't have done without them.

    All I can do is write and come up with ideas. Drawing? Nope. Creating graphics? Nope. I can't do any visual stuff so I'm glad I have Nari and leanderfox to make characters and graphics for us while Hong (the others as well, of course) often helps me find new ideas if I'm running into a block. Granted, keitaro wasn't able to really contribute anything but he was there for moral support and as a great RP partner, so that's still worth a lot.

    What I wanted to say - a big shoutout to you gals (and one guy), you are great. (Handherz :'D)