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The admin himself - Gota

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  • The admin himself - Gota

    This is Gota speaking, your host for this wondrous journey. I mean, it's obvious that I would need to make an introduction, right? Who is this guy putting way too much effort into optional stuff and everything else?
    Well, I'm not really THAT interesting, I think. I'm into games, was into anime (now I only watch One Piece), have a small collection of mangas, way too many Amiibos and I want to make Visual Novels and/or games someday in the future (who knows, maybe I'm already doing it once you read this). And there's RPing but that only makes sense considering that we are in our RP forum right now.
    My tasks usually involve writing stuff - a lot of the Wiki was made by me - coming up with new ideas, adding said ideas, doing admin duties, managing everything and so and so forth. Too bad I can't draw, otherwise I would do that as well, probably. Anyway, if you have questions, something to add or anything else of importance and you need someone from staff, then I'm usually there almost all day. Sure, I need to sleep and there are sometimes appointments and other things in real life but, yeah, I'm online every day at least.

    I'm from Germany (like all members of our "original" staff) and currently living with my uncle (my grandmother is there, too) after I moved away from home, which was in NRW, in 2017 (my mother pestered me way too much and almost forced me to study even though I had no talent for that. Great, right? Although I have a better relationship with her now that I'm gone) to Hamburg. Then, just a few months later, we moved to Buchholz in Niedersachsen although that's extremely close to Hamburg (I can reach it in like half an hour, that's nothing). You could say that I have an extremely complicated family, that's all I'm going to say.
    Dunno when exactly I started RPing but it has been a few years. I started out in Animexx, a German anime/manga-site that also had a big RP section. That's also where I met Keitaro, Narianka, Hongkong and leanderfox which were already my group back then (they followed me after I decided to make our own website). We had some good times in our early RP years (we even had a huge story going on in one of our main RPs), yeah, but we weren't able to get any members back then and it felt like we could go bigger and do more, which we are doing now, so moving was a pretty good decision. Plus, I couldn't have all of our features otherwise, like the Wiki, blogs, the Booru, Horhsal Connect, a completely customizable website and so on. We tried ProBoards in-between Animexx and our current site (which is self-hosted) but that wasn't really the best platform to use. I didn't like this feeling that they could just up and go and decide to erase your site and I like to know that our site actually belongs to us. Man, I'm digressing hard.

    Anyway, that was it for now but you can still reply to this topic if you want to ask more about me (please don't ask questions about the site or other areas here since there are more than enough places to do that, like the support channel or OoC talk).
    Gota over and out.