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  • Monsters

    Don't be confused about the formation and syntax, it's just how the wiki works. Stuff in [...] is where you can fill in your own stuff while you can ignore everything else (but you should still copy everything into your entry). The = are there to make the word/s between them into a category - the ones you can see in Table of Contents. Less = mean that it is a sub-category, like how Naming conventions are a sub-category of Culture. If there is one with 4 = and one with 3 = then the one with 3 is the sub-category of 4 while one with 2 = would be the sub-category of 3.

    Information that will not be on the page itself because the place where the page will go shows it:
    - The continent, ocean or country this monster lives on or if it shows up internationally

    Something that can vary from monster group to group and is put into appearance:
    The material a golem is made out of (only golems)
    Objects that a species of imitator copies, like empty armors or tables - this actually differs from imitator species to species (only imitators)
    The body of a slime, including shape and solidity (only slimes)

    (Copy from here...)

    ====== [Monster name] ======

    ===== Example image/s =====

    [An image of the monster if you have one or multiple ones]

    ===== About [monster name] =====

    <WRAP code right 25%>
    | Group: [the group of monster they belong to, like slimes, aberrations and so on] |
    | Favored habitat/s: [if they have a preference] |
    | Preferred type of place: [places they like to stay, like out in the wilderness, near trees, in ruins and so on] (this is also often the place where they wait for prey if they are carnivores) |
    | Eating physiology: [if they are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores or something else] (most monsters are usually carnivores but there are a few exceptions. Golems do not eat, usually) |
    | Diet: [what they prefer to eat/their usual prey when carnivorous] (Golems do not eat, usually) |
    | Lifespan: [their usual lifespan] |
    | Behavior towards Post-Eophrims: [how they react towards them] (a lot of monsters are aggressive but there are also those that just want to protect their territory or are harmless) |
    | Intelligence: [are they mindless creatures that only exist to eat and live, ones that are actually intelligent and understand humanoid speech or something in-between?] |

    [A text that describes them in more detail and gives more information about them]

    ==== Appearance ====

    [some details about their looks and colors and if there is an optical difference between males and females (except for slimes and golems) or if they all look almost exactly the same]

    ==== Threat level and abilities ====

    [everything about the abilities this type of monster is capable of and how dangerous they are in general]

    (... to here if you want to keep it short and simple or...)

    ==== Social behavior ====

    [This includes topics such as if they like to be in groups or alone, how they react towards other creatures that are not prey for them, their intelligence, how they communicate and if they are able to understand humanoid speech (although they are not able to speak even then. Some people claim there are a few unique monsters that are able to speak)]

    ==== [Monster name] and humanoids ====

    [this includes anything related to Post-Eophrims or/and Non-Eophrims, like if they use said monsters as pets (yes, some people actually have monster pets), livestock, put them to work, often hunt them for specific materials, if the monster is tamable and how they usually act when domesticated, if they are used for war etc. etc. Of course, it is most of the time the case that Post-Eophrims and Non-Eophrims have almost none or no connections to them because they are too dangerous or newly discovered. Monsters are far less used by people than animals are used by them]

    ( here if you want to go into full detail)

    Of course, you can always add in more information.