Our team

Soul Owls is an aspiring independent game developer team with its (current) members located throughout Germany.

We have yet to finish our first project - which will be a Visual Novel - but are currently in the design phase and positive that we will produce something worthwhile (although we want to finish the RP forum first which is why our game development is paused at the moment).
As a team, we will try to expand our knowledge and try out different settings and gameplay mechanics in future projects.
We are not only an indie team but also use the same world for an RP forum everyone can join, so you do not just have to sit back and watch the stories of our game characters unfold - make your own ones and become a part of the world itself by joining our RP forum! You can find it in the navbar.

Soul Owls members

René [Gota]

Director & Designer


Website, forum and wiki technician (I'm not a programmer, though)

Social Media manager

As the leader and writer I want to create stories that people can enjoy and engulf themselves in. I may not be a comedian or super witty but I love coming up with stories, characters and anything related to worldbuilding - to create a fully fleshed-out world others can take part in.


Character artist


Background artist

Graphic designer

We are still missing a composer/sound engineer (preferably both in one but composer is more important), so you are welcome to apply for it! You can use the Contact us form to do so.
I can't pay you a monthly salary but you would get an appropriate share of the profits or we could decide on a price per theme.

Please consider supporting us. The money would be used for:
Monthly bank and webspace fees, additional funds for our game development, and possibly graphics our artists can't make.

Forum staff





(Has been with us for a long time but is not a member of the Soul Owls team)

We are still looking for people who can help make the website, wiki, and Booru look better since I have to maintain all of them myself and I'm not a graphics expert.
Other help and supporters
(Meaning people that are not part of the actual team but still help us out, like providing original content for us to use, playtesting and other ways.)

Nobody yet - we are always looking for people that can help us expand our website and Wiki with their art